Tongue twisters for children with the letters M and Ñ

Tongue twisters for children with the letters M and Ñ

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With the tongue twisters children can exercise in a fun way the language.

Tongue twisters have broad benefits for children: they improve their language, expand their vocabulary, improve memory and exercises concentration.

In We leave you some of the most popular tongue twisters that exercise the letters M and Ñ.

I eat little coconut, little coconut I buy.

Mariana magaña

unravel tomorrow

the tangle that will entangle

Mariana Mañara.

Manuel Micho on a whim,

wick the male meat,

and yesterday a boy said,

much male mecha Micho.

Don't look at me, they look at us

they look at us that we look at each other,

let's see that they don't look at us,

and when they don't look at us we'll look,

because if we look at each other

they may discover that we love each other.

Yesterday I was riding a motorcycle, when an earthquake struck me,

the motorcycle almost hit because of the earthquake,

and me on the motorcycle moving because of the earthquake.

I no longer travel by motorcycle because the earthquake scared me.

A lemon and a half lemon,

two lemons and half a lemon,

three lemons and half a lemon,

four lemons and half a lemon,

five lemons and half a lemon ...

Why is the bed called a bed,

and to the dresser,

being the dresser less comfortable than the bed,

and the bed more comfortable than the dresser?

The cat scratches the spider and

the spider scratches the cat

poor cat the spider scratches him

poor spider the cat scratches him.

Every time I take a bath I hurt myself

that's why I take a bath once a year.

Friend of my friend

wants to be my friend

for being a friend of a friend

which is my friend.

My mom pampers me

and I pamper my mom.

Doctor, doctor, ask me and cancel it.

Tongue twisters have been made to unlock the tongue.

It stumbles or wanes any,

and if you lose your tongue,

with tongue twisters you can unlock your tongue.

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