Contempt of children towards the one who stands out, how to fight against envy?

Contempt of children towards the one who stands out, how to fight against envy?

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Who has not ever suffered the envy and jealousy of a coworker? Who has not had to face the effect it causes on that person who is afraid of being overcome? They are complicated situations that can overshadow personal successes or achievements.

Well, those emotions that arise in some people when they see someone stand out, do not only occur in the workplace of adults, they occur from the earliest childhood. We are emotional beings, therefore, jealousy and envy are already present in the classroom or among friends. It is the contempt of children for which stands out or excels.

The contempt of children towards the one who stands out is also known as Procrustean syndrome and yes, it also occurs in adults quite widely.

It is named after a Greek myth, that of Procrustean, an innkeeper who lived in the hills of Attica and offered accommodation to travelers. He invited them to lie down on an iron bed and once there he gagged and tied them, if they got out of bed or it fell short, he tortured them to adjust to it. Procrustean continued doing these terrible acts until he came across the hero Theseus who did to him the same thing that he had done, gag him, torture him and kill him. The myth of the Procrustean bed serves to refer to those who want everything to conform to what they say or think.

There are children and adults who are constantly and repeatedly carried away by envy, it is one of the most widespread feelings and, also, one of the most damaging. That contempt of children that stands out has very clear symptoms, so we can recognize them:

- They are children who are unable to recognize the ideas of others as valid.

- They feel fear of being outdone either in academic grades, in sports skills or in any other skill that is presented.

- They try to expose those children who stand out, downplay their merits and may even make fun of them.

- Tend to over-judging others.

- They are suspicious and even criticize those who do things better than them.

- They search until they find the fault of the child who stands out to make him bigger and thus overshadow his achievements.

- They tend to seek the acceptance of the group in front of the child who stands out, that is, they try to make others look down on them too.

- Even if they try to hide it, the anger they feel when another child gets better grades is palpable or have received congratulations on something.

- They have a low tolerance for frustration.

Ultimately, all these characteristics that I describe above have a common nexus: the lack of empathy. In fact, it is very common for both children and adults they believe they are highly empathetic and yet nothing is further from the truth.

Moreover, all these characteristics can make this type of Procustos children and adults, people who end up being rejected by others, because we do not want to surround ourselves with envious people. But to me, they cause me a huge pity. All that attitude full of jealousy and envy contains great insecurity, many complexes and a great feeling of inferiority.

Therefore, we must teach our children if they are to face another person who is carried away by envy that:

- They have to look beyond what they say or do because ultimately they are very insecure peopleThey are children who suffer.

- What never try to be worse at something or hide your skills not to confront this type of child.

- These attacks must never undermine their self-esteem, we must transmit self-confidence so that they do not end up believing what others say.

- We must educate our children in assertiveness, that is, not to fall into passivity and allow ourselves to be humiliated by others, but never respond with violence.

- And, of course, that they surround themselves and find friends who love them well, who rejoice over their achievements and help them in their failures.

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