The mistake of giving children everything they ask for at Christmas

The mistake of giving children everything they ask for at Christmas

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The children's letter to Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men can be a huge and endless list. Only if we pay attention when they listen to the commercials make it clear to us: "I ask myself", "I also ask that", "and that!"

They want it all, if it were up to them, they would live in a toy store and need nothing else. But beware, here we come into play parents who, on occasions, we make the mistake of giving children everything they ask for at Christmas. If you do, this can happen that we are going to tell you about.

"I ask for the Play 4, a drone, a Yo-Kai watch, the Lego Boost and the Lego Millennium Falcon." "Well, I the super caravan of the Barbi, Hatchimals, a tablet and the SoundMoovz bracelet".

That can be a very normal conversation between two children who are making their Christmas gift list, meanwhile, you listen with a dislocated jaw because the final account of all that requires two months of payroll and pulling the savings.

Well, although it may seem that the answer to all these requests is going to be a resounding and resounding "NO" on our part, what do we do? We do the opposite, we strictly comply with their requirements through tricks and subterfuges: you buy one thing for him, you ask the grandparents to take care of another, all the uncles will participate in another of the Christmas gifts, and so on until covering the list. We end up giving the children everything they ask for at Christmas. An error that will later have consequences:

- Consenting the child and following all his whims to the letter will lead us to spoil him.

- They will become selfish, they will believe they are the center of everything.

- They will be demanding children, they will continue asking because they will know that what they demand will be attended to.

- They will tend to become nonconformists, they will not be happy with anything they have.

- They will complain of boredom despite having dozens of toys around them.

- They will become less creative and imaginative, they will not see that with a simple box they can also make an amazing toy.

- They will be children with low tolerance for frustration.

- They will not learn to value what they have or the value of things.

I have come to see how a separated dad who barely makes ends meet, went without breakfast for months to save coin by coin and be able to buy his son a Lego of epic dimensions, one of those three figures. And, of course, the boy played with him for a few days and then ... he left him decorating his room. He could not resist seeing the illusion of his son's face when he saw such a toy.

That is what leads us to leave the payroll on children's toys: enjoy the illusion that they live at the moment of opening the package, seeing their face, laughing with the jumps and shouts of joy ...

However, despite that incredible moment of illusion that children live, we should not buy everything from them, and not only for an economic issue, I think that the main reason is educational. Even with a lot of money, it is a mistake to cover all your whims.

Children do not need all that gift list, nor should it become a competition with friends to see who has brought the biggest gift. Children need affection, support, love, dialogue, care, attention ... That is what parents must provide. And the presents? Yes, they are great, we all like them, the children more and it is exciting to see the illusion face of the children when opening their package.

Even so, We must do an exercise of containment because children also find hope and fun in other things: in a simple cardboard box, in family plans, in that recipe they made with you, in playing dress-up ... All of them are more educational and less consumerist activities with which children learn more important values ​​that will lead them to be better persons.

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