Advantages of the baby looking at you when you talk to him

Advantages of the baby looking at you when you talk to him

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The facial expression of parents when they address the baby teaches the baby as much as the words themselves. The nonverbal language It is very important when it comes to communicating, so if you want your baby to learn to speak correctly you should always look at his face.

I tell you what are the advantages of the baby looking at you when you talk to him.

When a baby look for the look of another person, whether to observe you closely or with the intention of getting their attention, you are putting in place a myriad of very valuable mechanisms for your social interaction.

And is that the babies who notice our facial expression When speaking to them, paying special attention to their eyes and mouth, they will learn to say their first words sooner, not only because they will have more interaction with other people, but also because they will be able to better analyze how we communicate through these words.

There are many advantages of the baby looking at you when you talk to him, and this is so because:

1. Receive the correct model to get to speak in the future.

2. Spend more time interpreting the nuances of verbal and non-verbal communication.

3. When we see that the baby takes care of us, we dedicate ourselves to speak with them longer than we initially thought.

4. As we spend more time, the baby has more opportunities to practice facial expressions that help him communicate without saying anything, such as smiling, crying or surprise.

5. As you have more opportunities to analyze what you are saying and not yet know the meaning of the words, look for the sense of melody that you use when you speak to him and he more easily identifies words that are neutral, positive or negative.

6. The latter accelerates his ability to empathize with you or with other people.

7. He has more varied resources to get the attention of the person in front of him, so that if he is ignored, the baby tries different forms of communication and different intensities to achieve your ultimate goal: to be listened to.

That is why it is very beneficial for your baby to be interested in what you are saying and analyze the face.

If you see that he pays little interest in it, it is recommended that you extend your interactions with him face to face and that you play games in which the facial expressions. One of these games is to cover your face with your hands and quickly uncover it while saying "taaat!".

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