The only method that works to educate children

The only method that works to educate children

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There are many educational methods, we can extract great and important lessons from almost all of them and they are valuable because they help us to have more resources as parents.

Montessori method, positive discipline, attachment parenting, reinforcement tables ... All of them give us guidelines to resolve situations in case our child is rebellious, disobedient, aggressive, insecure, conformist, unmotivated, deceitful ... But, the reality is that, in front of all the educational models, all the guidelines of psychologists and all the advice of experts, there is only one method that works to educate children. Can you imagine what it is?

Since this parenthood does not come with an instruction manual, our day to day is debated in constant trial and error. So we have no choice but use all the advice that the experts give us to manage the education of children, especially when we see that it does not work we are doing it.

Once all those tips that interest us are known, it is time to put them into practice and that is when a light with huge letters passes through your mind that says "children are not shouted" because you have read on the Internet that self-esteem lowers to the children, but it's coming out of your mouth like a roar "Manolitoooooo, I've told you two hundred times to pick up the room."

Or after a long day at work, you find a note in the child's agenda with a complaint about speaking in class and you say almost without thinking "if you are a charlatan" although shortly after you remember what you read about that he is not there. Well label the child because he will end up assuming that he is a charlatan and will do nothing to remedy it. Or rather, you force the child to do homework alone, without any help, no matter how doubtful they have, because they have told you that parents should not do their children's homework.

That's when the frustration moment comes, because, After knowing your lesson from back to back, so much so that you yourself could give a positive education seminar for children, you are unable to put it into practice, at least 70% of the time (we save 30% because something remains, of course).

And, in the end, so many Supernanny on television and so many Zen psychologists who treat the education of children as if it were as easy as walking forward, put us in the position of believing we are the worst parents.

When in the end, and yes, I finally get to the heart of the situation, the only method that works for raising children is: applyANDL COMMON SENSE . It is the best of the senses, the most realistic, the kindest and the most accurate.

- Common sense is what will help us find the best solution for our case.

- It will prevent us from following to the letter everything we read or are told because each case is a world and there is no universal law on the education of children.

- It will take us to reasonably judge what is happening And, without having to resort to scientific studies and scholarly reports, we can make a decision.

- The best thing about common sense is that we will apply our prior knowledge, our experience about something, so as not to further complicate a situation or try to improve it.

- We will maintain a situation of control of the situation, we will be the ones who manage what happens at home.

- It will protect us from making the same mistakes and will prevent us from reaching conflict again and again.

There are those who say that common sense is the least of all the senses, I do not agree at all, I think it is well used allows us to reason with the best of clarity. And, in terms of education and childcare, it is the most and best of parenting models.

It is not a miraculous model, it will not prevent us from falling into mistakes, but it will help us to learn from them and to find the best solutions to the problems that we are encountering.

Yes indeed, too bad not all fathers and mothers come standard with this common sense.

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