A smile for children with disabilities

A smile for children with disabilities

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Integration is the key word when we talk about the disability of children or adults. Currently, around 10% of the world's population, some 650 million people, live with some type of disability and this condition affects not only them, but also their families. The past decade has been, in the words of many experts on the subject, the most productive for children and people with disabilities.

Why? You will ask yourself. Precisely because during the last ten years innumerable measures have been put in place to raise social awareness, aimed at integrating the disabled with goals aimed at action and the constant improvement of the situation of people with disabilities. The objective of all these measures has been to achieve equal opportunities for all of them and dedicate a smile to children with disabilities.

However, despite all this effort to bring the problems of children with disabilities to society, large numbers of people living with disabilities are generally ignored and deficiencies around the world and the problems they face. In figures, a quarter of the world's population is directly affected by disability: they are the people who care for the disabled or the family members who are awaiting their care.

We must all be aware that people and children with disabilities encounter numerous obstacles in society and they are often subjected to stigma and discrimination. The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that the disabled remain largely marginalized, disproportionately poorer, often unemployed, and have higher death rates. In addition, they are largely excluded from civil and political processes, and for the most part they have no voice in matters that affect them and their society.

On the occasion of the celebration ofInternational Day of Persons with Disabilitieswe must all carry out awareness-raising work on the benefits that can be derived from the integration of people with disabilities in all facets of life, starting with children. Experience shows that when disabled children receive the necessary training to function in society with autonomy, they can become competent adults and the whole community benefits, since their participation creates opportunities for everyone, with or without disabilities.

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