The humiliating measure of a teacher to punish her student

The humiliating measure of a teacher to punish her student

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Teachers, as in all professions, there are of all kinds. We have all had that teacher to admire and that other one that we resent for what he put us through.

However, beyond good, bad and regular teachers, there are those who should never teach, nor should they be allowed to do so. And, the measures they take in the classroom are so humiliating for the child that it can cause long-term trauma. This is the case of a teacher from Chile who took a humiliating measure to punish her student for moving around the table.

It is the teacher's job to teach children to have a good attitude in class, it is his merit to stimulate the child and make him attend to the explanations without chatting, entertaining or losing interest. Teachers have to manage resources to keep the children's attention, but some, like This teacher from Chile uses methods that are not only humiliating for the child but worthy of denunciation.

And the thing is, a mother has just denounced not only in the school itself, but has also made it public on her Facebook page the punishment her son received from a teacher:

"I go in and see him with his table and chair tied up with Scotch, I asked him immediately why he was tied up and he told me that the teacher had put it on him so he wouldn't stand up ... She said that he did it with several children and that he was authorized by the parents, which is a lie because obviously I told them what had happened and in doing so, each one spoke with their children and the children say that the teacher covers their mouths and ties their hands with Scotch ... she only said that she did it for the good of the children and that she was calm because she had no complaints against her ... "

This is just an excerpt from the complaint of this mother on social networks for the treatment received by her son. Her son's teacher had decided to tie the desk and chair with duct tape to prevent the boy from shifting on the table. It was not the first time he did it, nor was it his only measure since, according to the mother had also come to cover their mouths.

We parents know that it is not easy to get some children to remain seated at the table. The more difficult it is, the smaller they are. It's more, there are children who find it more difficult than others to sit in a chair for a long timeADHD children or restless and nervous children are the most susceptible to receiving reprimands from teachers because they find it difficult to be still in class. But is the solution to tie them to the chair? Only a bad teacher would make that decision.

In my school there was a teacher who tied a classmate to the chair several times with the baby's belt to prevent her from moving, it was the same teacher who shook the girls when they didn't know how to do an equation or called them "lice" if they were very little.

Unfortunately, this model of authoritarian, violent teachers who tend to humiliate students is not a thing of the past. It is not the first time that we read news of this type, I myself know the recent case of a child who was carried out with the table and chair into the hallway so that others could laugh at him. These are the bad teachers, the ones who have to be imposed through fear and misunderstood respect.

Nobody says that the teacher teacher is easy, in fact, I think it is one of the most difficult since in their hands they have the education of the men and women of the future. He works with the most sensitive element of all: children. And that is where the good teacher comes in, who is not only the one who transmits knowledge to his students, he is the one who teaches them to think. The good teacher is empathetic, knows how to be firm but always with respect for the student, is flexible and responsible. The best teacher is one who is enthusiastic and passionately dedicates himself to his students every day.

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