Belsnickel. Christmas legend from Germany and Australia

Belsnickel. Christmas legend from Germany and Australia

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Santa Claus cannot deliver all the gifts by himself ... there are many! So, has helpers spread across the entire planet. One of these helpers is Belsnickel, a little man well known in different countries of the world.

We tell you the beautiful legend of Belsnickel, Santa's helper, well known among the children of Austria, Germany, Argentina and Pennsylvania.

It turns out that Santa Claus, now older, decided one fine day to recruit helpers to deliver all the presents on Christmas Eve. Thus, he was meeting different characters from different countries willing to help him in the task. Many, most, were goblins, or magical characters. But on some occasions, he also asked older people for help, with plenty of time and enthusiasm to make the children happy. One of them was Belsnickel.

It turns out that Belsnickel was an old man who loved mountains and nature. He lived in a small cabin in the middle of the Alps and just went down to town to buy some things. The children watched him with respect and some fear. He seemed a mysterious man to them. What's more, Belsnickel had long white hair and a thick beard that reached down to his navel..

However, Belsnickel loved children. He hadn't been able to have any, and to make up for it, from time to time he would go down to town to leave surprise gifts at the door of every house with children. They used to be wooden figures carved by himself: a bird, a butterfly, a star ... They, of course, did not know who was leaving that gift.

Santa Claus, who had just arrived in Germany in search of a helper, watched the old man tiptoe to the door of each house, and smirked: he had the perfect candidate.

Santa Claus followed Belsnickel to his cabin and introduced himself. The two were very alike! Santa Claus loved chatting with someone so similar that he perfectly understood the message he wanted to give him. Belsnickel, somewhat surprised, listened very carefully to Santa Claus. It was an honor for him, and he accepted without hesitation. Since then, he would be one of his assistantsInstead of leaving gifts for the children from time to time, he would do it on December 24, at night, when all the children had fallen asleep, so that no one would see him. Santa Claus gave him some advice and that same day, they practiced starting at midnight.

Belsnickel didn't see Santa Claus anymore. Since then, every December 24, received the gifts to be distributed by means of a sleigh loaded with presents and that it always arrived crossed by reindeer His mission was to distribute them to all the children in the place.

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