Why don't you tell the children "Hurry up"

Why don't you tell the children

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Since I have daughters, I have had to surrender to the evidence that one becomes a mother when she begins to say all those phrases that she had heard from her mother throughout her life: "Eat it all", "I see everything you do", "Stop yelling", "pick up your room" ... they are unavoidable phrases in this new stage.

However, there is a phrase that is constantly repeated every minute of my maternal life, and threatened to settle in our family life: “hurry up”.

A mother's phrase that I see totally unnecessary and counterproductive for children, and if we analyze it well, it doesn't make any sense.

I explain the reasons why children should not be told "Hurry up"

Day to day is a constant whirlwind of things to do: school, work, extracurricular activities, homework, dinner, bathrooms ... Help! We have one diary tighter than that of a minister, and we don't have a minute to lose. Even the yoga I do to relax I do it in a hurry !: “Please, relaxation, hurry up, I have to make dinner

We constantly transmit that daily stress to the children, and one day I found myself repeating the obnoxious phrase "Hurry up" for no reason. Had stuck in my repertoire of mother's phrases and repeated it over and over again at every moment, even when she had time.

I saw myself rushing my daughters when they painted, when they did their homework, when they took a bath, when we went for a walk, etc., without realizing that the children move at different rates.

For my daughters everything in it world was a novelty: the brightness of the lights of the traffic lights, their reflection in the shop windows, the shape of the tree trunks, the flight of the leaves when they fall to the ground, even the distance of your steps when walking. They wanted to discover the world around them and I wouldn't let them; and it seemed to me that it was something like if I was traveling to a new civilization on Mars and someone told me that everything I was seeing was not important. I was detracting from all things that were around us, when the truth is that these worldly things are what really build our world.

I, as a bored adult, had stopped observe the world in exchange for the rush. Even you who are reading this post barely have time to do it, and that is why I have to manage to tell you so many feelings in so few lines, forgetting and leaving aside literature and applying practicality, how much information can I transmit to you in these two minutes?

The phrase "hurry up", used at all times, makes our children stop enjoying the path of life, to reach a goal, we do not know what death is? The road itself is the only reason to walk it What is the use of walking if I do not notice each stone that forms the path?

That the child have time to choose which color to use in his next drawing, that he savor the different flavors of the plate calmly, that he look at the ceiling and find shapes in the defects of the wall, that he look at the antennae of the ants for hours, that discover the features of your face in front of the mirror ... it is part of your learning Why pervert them with the clock?

And as a mother what can I do? Relax and let yourself go. Rediscover the world Again through the eyes of your children, stop saying "hurry up," and start appreciating the little things that day to day offers.

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