Why does the newborn wear a hat

Why does the newborn wear a hat

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In most countries in the world, it is customary to put a hat on the newborn's head as soon as it is born. Traditionally this was done to avoid chilling the baby and the dreaded hypothermia. But does it make any other sense? On our site we tell you why the newborn should be put on a hat.

While the baby is inside the mother's womb, it is his mother who regulates the temperature, but at the moment of birth, one of the first changes that the baby notices is the change in the state in which he was inside his mother, it stops being immersed in liquid to be in contact with air, and it has to be your own body that begins to regulate your body temperature.

The baby will take a few months to develop the mechanisms that allow him to regulate his body temperature autonomously.

Given these changes, and taking into account that the newborn's head is disproportionately large compared to the size of his body, it is usual to put a hat on the baby after delivery, to alleviate this difference in temperature. By representing almost a quarter of your body, it is through this area where most heat is lost.

In fact, in most hospitals, it is the health professionals themselves who put this hat on the baby as soon as it is born and before giving it to its mother.

Once the baby adjusts to life outside the womb, no caps would be necessary.

Other voices point out that this tradition of putting a hat on newborns does not make much sense Since at present the most common thing is to place the newborn directly in skin-to-skin contact with his mother as soon as he is born to avoid that loss of heat, before washing him (so as not to remove the caseous vernix that covers the baby's body to protect him from the cold) and also before dressing him.

Therefore, if clothing is not necessary, the placement of these hats would not be necessary, since skin-to-skin contact with the mother would be enough.

Another reason why it would be common to place the hat on newborns would be to disguise the irregular shape of the head with which some babies are born after passing through the birth canal. Or also to hide the indomitable hair that some babies wear as soon as they are born.

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