Autism and children's learning

Autism and children's learning

Children with autism must acquire the Social and communication skills, which they do not have, to be able to relate to their peers. They cannot learn them by imitation, like other children. You have to use specific strategies for them. The ideal is not a special but specialized education, within the framework of a normal school.

There are specialized teaching techniques and methods for children with autism because they have a special characteristic, that they are visual learners. For this reason, the image-object relationship is usually worked on, because sometimes children with autism do not speak in part because they do not relate the words to the object or the specific meaning. However, before reaching this point, you have to teach them to communicate and much earlier, to be interested in communicating, which is the most difficult thing. To do this, the first thing to do is to get into their interests, only then can you capture the attention of the children with autism.

Children with autism go to school, either a special autism classroom integrated into a normal school or a normal classroom with some kind of support. But the rest of the day, children with autism are with their parents and it is important to structure the day very wellLet them know what they are going to do in advance, because they have no sense of location or time. For this reason, agendas with photos are worked with them first, and then with pictograms, so that they know when things begin and when they end.

Fixed routines help them a lot and give them security. On the other hand, children with autism find it difficult to generate the image associated with a word or an action, so if they see it, they can interpret it more easily. And, finally, it is convenient to leave them their moments of self-stimulation with lights or sounds, if they need it, because they calm down a lot.

The school performance of children with autism depends on many factors: the affectation, when the therapy begins, how individualized and personalized that therapy is, how parents and professionals get involved ... and how the school and teachers get involved. Extra work is necessary in preparing learning materials and methods and not all schools have this provision. However, the evolution of a child with autism is unpredictable, because they can become true sponges. Einstein had autism.

Every normal children's game like catch, ball, etc. Since other children learn easily by imitation, children with autism have a hard time learning to play. What's more, they have very restricted interests that, little by little, you have to work to expand.

Since a very important component of life is living in society, it is essential to work so that they learn, but it is also very important that other healthy children learn how a child with autism thinks and feels and how to get to it. When working with these children from a young age they can achieve full autonomy in the future.

Amaya Ariz.Lawyer and mother of a child with autism. Author of the book 'The silent joy of Mario' and ccontributor to ANA (Navarra Association of Autism).

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