The parrots in disguise. Legend of Ecuador for children

The parrots in disguise. Legend of Ecuador for children

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Legends are very old stories that are passed from generation to generation as part of a culture. There are fascinating legends of each country where the ancestors tried to explain through fantasy and imagination to different characteristics of animals, nature or the sky.

With this beautiful legend that comes from Ecuador, 'The disguised parrots', children will learn the sense of kindness, solidarity and gratitude.

A well-known legend from Ecuador tells that after the universal flood, two brothers were saved, a boy and a girl, who they decided to take refuge in a magical mountain. And this mountain was magical because it grew as the waters advanced, thus leaving an island that was never covered.

The children took refuge in a cave on that island, but they immediately realized that they had nothing to eat eat. How could they survive in that inhospitable cave?

For several days they scoured the small island, looking for food, but could not find anything. But at last one afternoon, returning to the cave, They discovered nearby a mountain of fresh leaves with fruits, meats, corn and all the foods they had dreamed of during all these hard days of hunger and hopelessness.

From then on, every day, when they woke up, they found all those foods. And they didn't know how they got there! The children were dying of curiosity to see who brought those delicacies there. Willing to find out, they hid in some bushes. They were eager to see who or who were saving their lives. And after a while, they suddenly saw a pair of macaws arrive, bright and cheerful, disguised as people.

The children came out of their hiding place, but they could not bear the laughter and some words of derision when they saw the birds disguised in that way. The macaws, angry, took the food and decided not to return.

The children realized that they had been ungrateful. So they spent the whole day crying out for forgiveness, so that the animals could hear them. The parrots returned, forgave the children, and became their friends.

Several days passed, and the water gradually receded. The children wanted to go back to their cabin, and they decided to return but with one of their friendly macaws. But going down, something surprising happened: the whole flock of parrots followed their partner. Upon reaching the town, completely empty after the flood, the parrots became very happy and beautiful people, and the village regained its life.

(Story based on the Ecuadorian legend of 'The disguised parrots').

Reading comprehension questions for your child

Help your child to understand the meaning of this precious legend that speaks of solidarity and gratitude. You can help yourself with these questions:

- How did the two leading children save themselves?

- When they discovered who brought them food, they laughed ... why?

- What happened when they returned to the village?

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