Six things a baby won't let you do

Six things a baby won't let you do

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Surely, after having read the title of this post, you will be wondering: Only six things? I also asked myself the same thing since when you have a baby, life changes a lot! Your time becomes scarce, short and fleeting, and you end up doing things you had never imagined doing like going to the bathroom with your baby in your arms, talking to a friend on the phone with your baby crying in the background, or taking a year to read a single book.

The more children grow, the more time and attention they demand from us. When they are newborns they do not demand as much since they practically do nothing but eat and sleep. However, after 3 or 4 months, when they start to move more, you will stop doing a lot of things to be with them. I've kept this Maitena comic for a long time. Maybe it is because, at a certain moment in my daughter's childhood, I totally identified with what Maitena portrays in these drawings.

Enough of myths! There are only six things a baby won't let you do! Sit, talk, read, go to the bathroom, eat, and sleep. Actually, they are things that no one tells you about when going for a baby, or during pregnancy and at the time of delivery. You realize it in the day to day with your little one. Being a mother has its charm and many commitments. Let no one be fooled. You become your children's chair, as well as their "perch", and you will no longer have time to talk with friends or family on the phone, and read, when and for what.

All your concentrations will be deposited in your baby. And what's more, I remember that I hardly ate. I used to eat only what was left over from my daughter's porridge, because I didn't have time to prepare a proper meal. And the dream? Well, well, well, in our house if someone heard the crying of the little girl and got up to take care of her, that was me, as it happens with many other mothers.

However you look at it, you don't get tired and you rarely complain. It's that you don't even have time to look at the clock. This is how we mothers are ... authentic Elastic girls. After all, being a mother pays off, and a lot. Although it does not give us for a salary or retirement, we have those who make us the happiest women in the world: our children. I do not have doubts about it.

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