Calculate the weeks, months and trimesters of your pregnancy

Calculate the weeks, months and trimesters of your pregnancy

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When a woman becomes pregnant, visits to the gynecologist or midwife begin. Many future moms are confused when it comes to calculating what stage they are in their pregnancy, since there are different ways to count it: by trimesters, by months and by weeks.

Since it is very difficult to calculate the exact date of conception, the date of the last menstruation is often used as the reference date. From that date they are counted 40 weeks, 280 days, to establish the probable date of delivery.

Obstetricians count in weeks, and that is how pregnant women are used to doing it, but what month does each week of gestation correspond to? What trimester of pregnancy are you in according to your week of pregnancy? Solve all your doubts.

The first trimester of pregnancy covers from week 1 to 13. The first trimester of pregnancy is the stage of discoveries, doubts and information about care, medical tests, diet, etc., everything necessary to maintain a balanced health.






You will be in your second trimester of pregnancy between week 14 and 26






The third trimester of pregnancy begins at week 27 and ends at week 40, although it can last up to 42.






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