The spider. Quechua legend for children

The spider. Quechua legend for children

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Whoever is not able to be grateful and take advantage of everything he has, runs the risk of losing it. This is a very old legend, from the Quechua culture, which teaches children the need to take care of their inner beauty and enhance values ​​such as empathy and kindness. And also why it is so important to be grateful.

Discover with your son this story of Uru, a beautiful girl who wasted all the gifts she had and all the education that was offered and received a lesson. We tell you what happened to him in 'the spider', a Latin American legend for children.

There once was a princess named Uru. She was a very beautiful girl and she was also the heir to the throne of the Inca empire. Her father adored her, and wanted his daughter to become a good and just queen when she came to the throne. To do this, he focused a lot on the education of his daughter, and looked everywhere for the best teachers in all subjects.

But nevertheless, Uru did not like studies, nor did she understand her father's desire to turn her into a smart and good girl. He preferred to waste time, play, and dedicate himself to improving his physical appearance and his beauty.

Besides, he had a very bad temper, and easily lost his temper. He liked to order and have everyone please his wishes. And if he didn't get what he wanted in the moment, he would go into a rage. As he grew older, he was more despotic to everyone.

And the day came when Uru's father passed away and she ascended the throne. And it is true that at first the girl allowed herself to be advised, but little by little she began to abandon her obligations as queen. It bored him a lot having to make so many decisions. She preferred to dedicate herself to herself. So he made the decision and told all his advisers:

- Listen to me well: I am already tired of so many obligations. It is very boring. I want to discover other places, wear my dresses, and go to many parties. I want to have fun, so I will not make any more decisions about the empire: let someone else do it!

Despite the fact that the royal advisor himself tried to persuade her, she remained firm in her decisions.

- Don't be insolent! I don't want to work anymore and I'm leaving. Don't try to stop me.

She was so angry that she decided to whip everyone present with her belt for insolent. He removed his belt and raised it to strike the royal advisor. But then something extraordinary happened: the queen could not lower her arm. She was frozen like a statue!

And that was not all: while Uru tried to move unsuccessfully, a goddess covered with a golden mantle appeared suspended in the air. And he said aloud, addressing the queen:

- Without a doubt you are tremendously selfish and petty. You could run your kingdom with wisdom, justice, and goodness, and instead you prefer to frighten and humiliate your subjects. So you don't deserve what they gave you. From now on you will no longer have beauty and you will not be queen. Also, you will have to work tirelessly.

And after saying these words, a cloud enveloped the queen and as the smoke dissipated, in its place appeared an ugly, hairy spider. Scared, Uru ran for cover, away from potential stomping. Already in a corner, he dedicated himself to weaving spider web without rest.

Help your child reflect on the text he just heard. The legend of the spider tells us about many essential values, but above all, of the need to dedicate ourselves to working within ourselves. You can use these questions to check if your child understood the story:

- What was Uru like? Describe her on the outside and also her way of being.

- What happened when the queen tried to beat her subjects?

- What should the queen have done to take advantage of the education she received as a child?

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