Remove lice from children's hair step by step

Remove lice from children's hair step by step

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Lice are a constant plague in schools. The popular belief about lice speaks of dozens of techniques to eliminate the most bizarre lice, such as putting mayonnaise on the hair for 3 hours, bathing in vinegar, drowning them in the bath ... To kill the lice, one is willing! to anything!

As a lice expert because I have two girls with him long hair, I can tell you which is the most effective technique, and the only one that has worked for me so far, to exterminate once and for all the insistent lice.

Let me tell you how to get rid of lice from children's hair permanently.

When facing our enemy, the common louse, we have to have a series of clear points about their love and reproductive life, as well as their customs.

1- The louse does not like dirty hairs.

The louse is a little Microscopic vampire between 2 and 4 mm, who likes to eat four quality meals a day. Because although the louse is small it is not stupid, and prefers the scents of flowers and fruit, than garlic or vinegar. It is not that we wash the child's hair with garlic, but we do avoid shampoos with sweet smells.

2- The louse does not jump or fly.

In spite of itself, the louse has very short legs, with which it clings to the hair as if there were no tomorrow, but which prevents it from jumping (the lice do not jump, although they can be dropped) nor do they have wings, so that lice fly like you and me: only by plane.

What they do do is run that they peel them, at about 23 cm per minute, which makes them a Usain Bolt of human heads, that's why it is convenient to kill them before starting his hunt.

3. The louse is difficult to kill.

In my extensive experience removing lice, I have tried all the techniques that have been suggested to me in search of the best method of extermination: the vinegar, mayonnaise, tea tree, drowning them in a plastic cap, singing the Macarena to them, and even dipping the girl's hair in water to see if they drowned.

Everything has been a failure, at least in my case. Because, for your information, lice are capable of swimming, and even diving, much longer than we are. Only the chemical products they have served me, and not all. Beware of very young children because some products are too strong for them.

Step 1: You can only add the product if there are live lice.

How to see if your child has lice:

- We see the nits.

- It scratches a lot, especially on the neck and behind the ears.

- We see some or we pass the dry cleaner and we find some, no matter how small.

Step 2: Choose a good product, with a good cleaner (not nit). With metal prongs and very close together.

Step 3: We prepare our kit kills lice:

- Plastic tablecloth, or towel for the floor

- Lendrera

- Kitchen paper

- Spray

- Shower cap (optional)

- Tweezers and a comb

- Children's movie or tablet

Step 4: We spray

We sit the child with him dry hair and we detangle it before applying the spay all over the hair, especially on the scalp, the favorite place of our enemy the louse. We let act time that you put in the product instructions and we put a shower cap in those cases where it is indicated. I never do, because I have not found greater effectiveness.

Step 5: Part the hair

Once the lice and nits are dead (although these sometimes do not die because the egg protects them), we comb, we separate the hair into four sections, and we hold them with a clamp.

Step 6: We pass the lendrera

From the scalp, place where lice prefer to take refuge, with the advantage that now they will not escape from our clutches, we pull up to the end of the hair and clean the remains of dead lice with the paper.

Sometimes I see that the louse is not dead, or to check If it really is a louse or fluff, or who knows what ... I put it on the nail of the thumb and press it with the nail of the other thumb, if it sounds it is louse, if not it is fluff or sand, or gamusino.

Step 7: remove stuck nits

It is important that the child does not move so that the hairs do not mix and we leave a piece to pass. If in the course we see any nits that have not been removed, we remove them with our fingers. If it is difficult to detach it from the hair, it is a nit, if not gamusino.

Step 8: We only have to wash our hair, according to the product instructions.

Finally, and very important, for total extermination, we must put in a plastic bag stuffed animals, hats, blankets ... and everything that we cannot wash, and leave it closed during two days so that the louse starves.

Towels should be wash in very hot water, and the combs, tweezers and pins must be boiled in water.

If we have found many lice, it is always best to repeat the operation a week or 10 days, in case there is a Conan louse that has resisted us and begins to lay eggs, or a live nits have remained.

I assure you it works !!

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